Almost each one of us has found oneself handicapped ,at one point or the other , in getting in touch with the right professional at critical times. The joy of handholding, the beauty of guiding us to resolution of problems and the ability to pick the right person at that time has not been so forthcoming. We kick started this project to change all this and bring choices at the tap of your fingers . There were two major dimensions that we always kept in mind while devising Gmento platform for our users.

One – Geography and Second - Time

We strived very hard so that your hyperlocal professional search throws up content which is relevant on geographical area as well as time. While most other platforms are either low on geography dimension or constrained by time of delivery of service .Gmento is highly neighbourhood focused and GPS enabled so that our search content is able to score highly on both geographic and time dimensions.

Gmento aspires to be the leading platform for your search of professionals and service providers . Through our stringent onboarding process , we have brought together leading , verified , qualified and certified professionals and trustworthy service providers on one technology platform with diverse fields and categories so that everything is on your fingertips. Just few taps and you can connect with these professionals and service providers and take mentored decisions leading to easy life.

We help you find the right professional / service provider for your needs and take mentored decisions.

  • Talk to professional
  • Multiple choices and options
  • Mapped and localized responses
  • Information on your fingertips

Gmento bridges the gap between you and clients and ensures you are always in demand.

  • Grow Your business and outreach
  • Get closer to your target group
  • Visual and rich content based listings
  • High transaction oriented support

Ashok Kumar Sharma

Founder & Director


Ashok is strategy and corporate development enthusiast with keen eye for new business vertical initiation. With Degree in Science and Masters in Business Development and 20 plus years of experience with leading business groups , he set up successful ongoing ventures in International Trade and believes in challenging conventional work culture. His tryst with entrepreneurship is proven over the years and is a strong believer in power of serendipity, virtues of will power and importance of deep rooted convictions.

Rajesh Sharma



Rajesh is hands on manager with keen interest in marketing , vendor development and client servicing. A Chemical Engineer and Masters in Business Administration coupled with 20 plus years of experience with leading companies , he enjoys meeting people and brings in flair of operational efficiency to the organization. He is founding member of successful running business in international trade and imports and known face in chemical business.

Pankaj Wadhwa

Chief Technology Officer


Pankaj ventured entrepreneurship as a hands-on techie in his college days. Pankaj has acquired a rich technical experience at CashEdge, MindFire, PitneyBowes and other startups in Technology space. Pankaj earned his BTech (IT) from Kurukshetra University and has done his masters from IIM-Lucknow. He has maintained and implemented corporate objectives as established in order to execute business strategies and customer relationship management. He has guided some fundamental initiatives in order to attain business development aims. He believes that the requirements to achieve success in sales are larger than before as the global market is getting more competitive and growth of technology agile. He has keen interest in Technology and Business.

Sanjay Pandey

Chief Operations Manager


Sanjay started his first IT venture in his IIT days while pursuing M.Tech at IIT Kharagpur and extended the same passion for entrepreneurship as well. Sanjay's role in the company is to drive innovation , explore new business and devise operations strategy to develop and promote company's overall objectives. Sanjay has earned ample technical experience at Infosys, Computer Science Corporation and Mapinfo. He brings a strong portfolio of experiences encompassing Outsourced Product Development, Applications Outsourcing, and Global Business Development. Sanjay has lots of experience and passion for using technology for empowering businesses.

Ashish Sharma

Backend Management & Technology

Samta Arora

IT Integration And Sales Support


Sales Support